Product Instructions

#11402 JOES Rear Mount Installation Instructions

  1. Consult your car builder for the pinion angle and distance from the rotor.
  2. Set your rear end in the car on blocks, at ride height, at your car builder recommended pinion angle.
  3. Clamp the JOES Rear Mount in place, matching your car builder specs for spacing to the rotor.
  4. There are 2 methods for positive anti rotational mounting:
    1. The first method is to use a JOES Installation Kit (PN# 11475-see image below) to assist you in drilling the set screw hole. The installation kit will guide the drill for an exact fit. Use care to drill the hole once. Hand drilling can allow the set screw hole to wander resulting in improper positioning of your Rear Mount bracket. The JOES Installation Kit is a time saver and ensures exact positioning. Use a tap drill “Q” (.332) and a 3/8-16 tap. Once the set screw hole is drilled and tapped install the top cap and set screw.
    2. The second method, this is the new and preferred method, is to perform steps 1-3 above and then simply slide the provided steel or aluminum key into the key slot machined in your new style JOES Rear Mount and weld the ends to your axle tubes. The steel key is for steel axle tubes and the aluminum key is for aluminum axle tubes, both are included with each JOES Rear Mount – This method is only available on revision 2 mounts (4/1/15 to present).
  5. Now install the Rear Mount lower section and torque to 80 ft. lbs.
  6. Re-check the set screw and double check that it is tight. (if this method was used)
  7. During race season – recheck that the rear mount bolts are tight before your car hits the track each and every week.