Product Instructions

#17035 JOES Brake Balance Adjuster Installation Instructions

New cable style design! Retrofit Cable kits are available (#17037).

  1. Attach the cable fitting to your brake balance screw on your pedal assembly. (We supply two fittings for different size screws)
  2. Mount the Brake Balance Bracket and cut the 1/4″ solid handle rod to your desired length. The handle rod is adjustable to fine tune it for driver comfort but try to keep it as short as possible.
  3. Attach the cable fitting to the handle rod.
  4. Cut the cable and sleeve to fit between the fittings. Try to keep the radius of bends as large as possible.
  5. Tighten all set screws.
  6. Secure the cable with adel clamps.


CAUTION: The set screw for the handle assembly is shipped loose to allow for adjustment in the car. You must tighten the set screw before operation. It is good practice to tighten all set screws upon installation.