Product Instructions

#32125 JOES Purge & Prep Tool Instructions

The JOES Tire Purging & Set Tool clips on the valve stems to deflate tires without needing constant attention. The tool can be used to completely deflate tires or can be used to deflate tires to a specific pressure. Either way you can clip it and move to the next tire, saving you from having to manually bleed pressures.

To completely deflate or quickly deflate large volumes of pressure:

Slide the silver slide collar to the brass bleeder end (opposite the chuck end) of the tool to open quick flow ports for fast air dumping. The tire will completely deflate. The large bleed holes can be found on the smaller section of the tool’s barrel.

To bleed to a controlled amount of air pressure:

Slide the silver collar towards the chuck end of the tool to cover the quick flow ports used for fast air dumping, routing the air though the bleed valve located on the end of the tool.. The tire will deflate to the preset pressure based on your installed spring and bleed adjuster. The tool will also prohibit air from reentering the tire when attached.

To maintain air pressure of race prepared tires:

Set bleed valve to desired pressure and leave tool clipped on tire. Bleed valve will release pressure build up due to heat from the atmosphere such as the sun.

How to change air pressure bleed off PSI:

The JOES Tire Purge Tool can be adjusted to vary the pressure you can bleed. A spring is located under the bleed valve on the opposite end of the chuck. To adjust pressure loosen the brass nut on end of tool and then adjust the brass cap. Note the nut is not part of the end cap and is used to lock the cap down, to loosen the cap you must first loosen the nut.

  • To increase the pressure the tool bleeds to: tighten the cap (or shortening the tool). The pressure required to bleed though the bleed valve will increase.
  • To lower the pressure the tool bleeds to: loosen the cap (or lengthen the tool). The pressure required to bleed through the valve will decrease.

Tip: To calibrate tool, set tire to desired pressure, clip the tool on with the nut backed off of cap, quickly adjust cap until air stops flowing, then recheck tire pressure. Retry by attaching tool and then fine tune.

Your JOES Tire Purge & Setting Tool comes with 3 springs allowing you to set the tool for nearly any type of racing. The light spring comes factory installed. To change springs: loosen the nut on the bleeder end, remove the cap and replace with the desired spring. Replace cap, adjust to desired PSI and lock down with the nut.

  • Light spring PSI range: 2 to 7 PSI
  • Medium spring PSI range: 14 to 29 PSI
  • Heavy spring PSI range: 30 to 68 PSI

Useful tips:

  • Once set to desired PSI use a label maker to tag the PSI the tool is set to.
  • In applications where each tire has a different pressure, having 4 tools set to starting pressures allows you to set an extra 2-3 PSI at the shop. Later, when you hit the track, clip on the appropriate purge tool to set pressures quickly.
  • Recheck pressure setting every few weeks to calibrate the tool.