Product Instructions

#54005 JOES Pro Probe Pyrometer Instructions

JOES Pro Pyrometer is a portable 3-1/2 digit, compact-sized digital pyrometer designed to use external K-type thermocouple as the temperature sensor. Temperature indication follows National Bureau of Standards and IEC584 temperature/voltage tables for K-type thermocouples. One JOES adjustable K-type thermocouple is supplied with the pyrometer.

Set the stop on your probe to match the rubber thickness on your tires. For accurate readings the probe must reach down to the cord at a consistent depth at each and every tire location.

Battery Replacement

The battery symbol appears on the lower right of the LCD when the 9V battery needs to be replaced.

Replace the 9V battery as follows:

  1. Turn the meter off and disconnect the temperature probe.
  2. Remove the rubber holster that surrounds the entire meter by pulling it over the top of the meter.
  3. Remove the small Phillips head screw on the rear of the meter.
  4. Open the battery compartment and replace the 9V battery.
  5. Reassemble the meter before operating.

For more information on tire temps view our tech article relating to tires and tire temperatures.

For Tire Temps choose 1.0 resolution

1/10th Degree resolution: o.1℃ or 0.1℉

1.0 Degree resolution: 1℃ or 1℉

Overload Display

The digital display will indicate 1 when the input exceeds the measurement range selected. A damaged probe will indicate 1 on the display.

If measuring above 199.9°, change the resolution to 1°. Be certain to seat the thermocouple connector properly and that the leads are not broken.

Hold Mode

Pressing the HOLD key to enter the Data Hold mode, “HOLD” is displayed. When HOLD mode is selected, the pyrometer holds the present readings and stops all further measurements.

Pressing the HOLD key again cancels HOLD mode, the pyrometer is then ready to resume taking measurements.

Max Mode

Pressing the MAX key to enter the MAX mode. The pyrometer then records and updates the maximum values and the MAX appears on the display.

Pressing the MAX key again to exit the MAX recording mode.

In the MAX mode, press HOLD key to stop the recording, press HOLD again to resume recording.

Backlight Mode

Pressing the Backlight key to turn on the LCD backlighting function. The LCD backlighting will auto-off after the Backlight key is released approximately 5 seconds.

Tc (Temperature Compensator) Checking Mode

Press and hold the “Tc” key to enter the temperature compensator-checking mode. The pyrometer will display inside temperature.


Probe tips are precision instruments and damage can occur if dropped. Bent probe tips can provide inaccurate readings.