last few weeks were fun racing 3 different races! on april 29th i had a late model race where i finished top 5(5th), may 13th we nascar k&n raced at spokane county raceway where i finished top 15(15th) and may 20th we nascar k&n raced at orange show speedway where i finished top 15 again (14th). we had many ups and some downs throughout each race weekend but my team rallied together to end each race on a positive note for sure.

april 29th: NAPA Big 5 Late Model Series @ Meridian Speedway

On April 29th we traveled to Meridian Speedway to compete in our 1st Late Model race for the NAPA Big 5 Late Model Series at the small 1/4 mile oval. Luckily this is a very familiar track for me now. My last race here was Sep 2016. With the car sorted out, we had a goal of finishing the race clean, being faster than we were last year at the track, and grabbing another Top 5 finish there!

I love the crowds that come to this awesome NASCAR Hometrack. Every race whether it’s late models or NASCAR K&N, they pack the house! We qualified 8th for the race and after a pre-race invert, we were given the opportunity to start 2nd in the race. Once the green flag dropped I jumped into the lead before lap 1 was over and kept the lead for about 5 or 6 laps before a costly mistake on my part set me back as far as almost 9th. I kept in the fight, stayed out of trouble and kept racing hard till the finish where I finished 5th. This was my first Top 5 stockcar racing finish of the year and was definitely an earned one at a track like this.

May 13th: NASCAR K&N Pro Series West @ Spokane County Raceway

On May 13th we traveled to Spokane County Raceway to compete in our 5th race for the NASCAR K&N Pro Series West at the 1/2 mile oval. This was a new track to me and I had a lot of learning to do quickly since I was not able to test at the track with my fellow competitor’s weeks ago.

I'm always thankful of the opportunities I've received through grind, faith, and prayer no matter what the struggle may be that day. We had to battle all day and night at Spokane! We missed half of the 1st practice after an electrical issue plagued us. After we sorted it out I was able to get laps in and learn the track on some used tires. The track surface was rough and not very forgiving but it made for some fun driving. When qualifying came around I qualified in at 17th of 22 but during post-qualifying technical inspection I had a ride height issue and was forced to start the race in the rear at 22nd place. We were not going to let this hamper our day so after a long cold night of hard racing for 150 laps we were able to make a comeback and finish the race 15th, 7 spots ahead of our starting position. In doing that I also won the Move of the Race award which is an award given out to the driver in a race who advances the most positions during the race after their starting spot. This was my 2nd time receiving this award in my career!

May 20th: NASCAR K&N Pro Series West @ Orange Show Speedway

On May 20th we traveled to Orange Show Speedway to compete in our race for the NASCAR K&N Pro Series West at the 1/4 mile tight oval. This was my 2nd trip to that track. My last race here was May 2016 where I picked up my first ever Top 10 finish in a stockcar race and 1st in a NASCAR K&N race.

Orange Show Speedway is such a small and tight oval that cars are bound to get banged up during the race night. This proved to be true again this year as multiple cars crashed, got knocked out of the race, or spun multiple times. This made for a great show for the crowd, but a frustrating night for some of the racers. The raceday leading up to the race went well through qualifying where I qualified 16th of 21. Unfortunately we had more tech inspection issues and this time our car wasn’t too low, it was too high. This caused us to forfeit the 16th place starting position and we had to start 19th. Track position was crucial during this race so starting 19th made it difficult to pass and make my way forward. My streak of finishing each race with no damage came to an end this race, but luckily the damage wasn’t severe enough to knock me out of the race. A car came to a slow roll on the back straightaway and caused me and another car to get on the brakes hard to avoid him which on the flip side caused me to rear end another driver. Luckily the damage was to the front bumper, hood, and my alignment of the car and not to the radiator. After losing 17 laps working on the car and patching it back up, I re-joined the race and was actually able to still finish 14th of 21. This was a great end to an almost horrible night. Lesson learned: Never give up!

This Friday May 26th our race from Orange Show Speedway will be televised on NBC Sports Network at 5pm pacific. June 10th 2017 will be our next race and it will be at Colorado National Speedway in Dacono, CO. Please come out and watch if you can! I always want to thank my team at Patriot Motorsports Group for constantly fighting to keep me in the game. We are not the most high budget team in the series but we work hard to overcome whatever struggles we may go through. Big thanks to the season partners that have jumped onboard with us this year to support this journey: Champion Parts, The Red List Group, Lights Out, Bulletproof Energy, Rabbit Coffee, Rugged Radios, ATL Fuel Cells, Porterfield Brakes, PurOl, VetteLife, iRacing,, Joes Racing Products, Jack Rabbit Energy, G-Force Racing Gear, My NY Pizza, Fuel injector Connection, and Sherwin Williams.

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