WISSOTA Street Stocks

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Nickname Pogo
Birthday 11/05/1977
Hometown Zimmerman, MN
Home Track Ogilvie Raceway
History Behind Car Number Justin Pogones’ Street Stock bears the iconic #01 on the door panel. Pogones was always a fan of the Dukes of Hazard, and when he got his first racecar, he proudly put the #01 on the side with his own hands. His car orange in the beginning and was for many years. Recently, the color scheme has changed, but he retains the #01.

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Career Highlights

Track Championships

  • 1999 Deer Creek Speedway: Spring Valley, MN
  • 2010 Ogilvie Raceway: Ogilvie, MN
  • 2011 Ogilvie Raceway: Ogilvie, MN
  • 2011 Princeton Speedway: Princeton, MN
  • 2012 Ogilvie Raceway: Ogilvie, MN
  • 2012 Princeton Speedway: Princeton, MN
  • 2012 Granite City Speedway: Sauk Rapids, MN
  • 2014 Ogilvie Raceway: Ogilvie, MN
  • 2014 Princeton Speedway: Princeton, MN
  • 4 Time Track Champion at Ogilvie Raceway
  • 3 Time Track Champion at Princeton Speedway

Race Specials/Invitations Wins of 2014

  • King of the Dirt – I94 Speedway: Fergus Falls, MN
  • Harvest Cup – Ogilvie Raceway: Ogilvie, MN
  • P-Town Showdown – Princeton Speedway: Princeton, MN
  • Topless Nationals – Ogilvie Raceway: Ogilvie, MN