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We are the manufacturer behind many racing and automotive companies. Further, our customer base includes companies that produce nautical weather station systems, sports and fitness equipment, industrial tooling, aircraft component manufacturing, and marine parts. Our customers enjoy the fact that we can handle all aspects of the manufacturing process from start to finish. Often, we take customer sketches and produce CAD drawings in-house from prototype to final design. This ability to design, program, and innovate allows us to utilize our diverse manufacturing capability. At JOES, we machine, weld, finish, laser engrave, and provide custom packaging to meet our customers’ needs.

After outgrowing shops in both Seattle and Mukilteo, WA it was time to grow again. We now occupy a 25,000 sq. foot industrial building located in Everett, WA. The building is a cement tilt up and is designed to accommodate sustained manufacturing. Our location is close to the Seattle metropolis, which gives us quick and easy access to material suppliers, tooling suppliers, and other quality vendors. Respected companies such as Boeing, Microsoft, Amazon, Adobe and others provide our area with a wealth of knowledge and expertise. The proximity of these companies enables JOES Racing Products and Constance Machine, as members of this manufacturing community, to both draw upon and utilize the strengths of these powerful businesses that have chosen the Seattle/Everett area as their home base.


CNC Milling:

Vertical Mills
  • 4-Axis
  • X,Y & Z Travel (40", 20" & 28")
  • 14,000 RPM
Horizontal Mills
  • 4-Axis
  • X,Y & Z Travel (22", 22" & 24")
  • 14,000 RPM

CNC Turning:

  • Max Turning Diameter: 14"
  • Max Turning Length: 27"
  • Through Bore: 3"
  • C Axis Live Tooling - Milling Capability
  • Sub Spindle Y Axis
  • 6,000 RPM

Robotic Welding:

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Other Services:

  • Engineering & Design
  • SolidWorks 2017 & Mastercam X8
  • Manual Tig / Mig Welding
  • Tube Cutting / Bending
  • Fabrication Services
  • Finishing Services
  • Laser Engraving
  • Assembly & Packaging