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Lucas Oil Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer, 1 Quart

A pure petroleum multi-use oil supplement. Controls noise, heat and wear in manual transmissions and differentials. Number one in the

Maxima SynPSF Synthetic Power Steering Fluid

SynPSF is a high-performance oil engineered to perform under the severe stresses found in modern day racing power steering systems.

Maxima Assembly Lube

ASSEMBLY LUBE is a specialty, film forming lubricant designed to protect moving components and wear surfaces during assembly and initial

Maxima Bio Wash

BIO WASH is a unique, 100% biodegradable all-purpose cleaner. Fast-acting cleaning agents lift away dirt while scrubbing grime and oil

Maxima Suspension Clean

SUSPENSION CLEAN is specifically formulated for the industry professional. Suspension Cleans unique formula quickly and easily cleans suspension internally and