• Top of the Line Turning Top of the Line Turning

    Our turning centers give us the flexibility to manufacture parts on the right machine based on the merits of each project. We can choose from single axes machines or utilize turning centers with live tooling options to make parts efficiently and at lower costs for our customers.

    • Mori Seiki NL2500/SMC 700 Sub-spindle CNC Lathe w/live tool milling/drilling, 14” dia. x 27” length capacity
    • Mori Seiki NL2500/SY 700 Sub -spindle CNC Lathe w/live tool Y axis milling/drilling, 14" dia. x 27" length capacity
    • Okuma LB10II CNC Lathe 6” dia. x 12” length capacity
    • Okuma LB15 CNC Lathe 8”dia. x 16” length capacity
    • Okuma Cadet LNC8 CNC lathe 9.84” dia. x 19.69” length capacity
    • Servo Manual Lathe w/DRO 14” dia. x 72”