Driver Performance

A fresh driver that is fitted comfortably to the car will have more energy to beat the competition during those long summer races. Paired with a fast car the driver that prepares to win can place himself above the crowd in simple fashion.

The first step is to ensure that your driver is comfortable in the seat. It may take a few tries and some extra fabrication but the effort is well worth it come lap 125. Seat position is extremely important and spending the time complete with ample driver feedback is essential. Pedals should be within easy reach to allow for a relaxed leg position. Shifters should be ergonomically located with radio switches in easy reach.

Mounting the steering wheel as close to the chest as possible will prevent back strain and keep your driver up on the wheel for the entire race. A larger steering wheel creates more leverage so I always recommend the largest steering wheel that will fit past your driver’s mid-section. Utilizing an adjustable steering column allows the driver to adjust steering position right from the seat allowing for fine tuning and ultimate driver comfort.

Go Forward – Move Ahead
Jeff Butcher
Courtesy of JOES Racing Products