JOES Billet Hub Rotor Flange

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Select standard or countersunk to fit 16 bolt axle tube.


JOES Billet Rotor Flanges are available standard to fit on our 5x5 and Wide 5 billet hubs. Or countersunk to fit a 16 bolt axle tube with hardware included. Bolt your rotor directly or use the JOES T-Nut System and Rotor Flange to improve your braking efficiency. Hardened T-Nuts self center in the rotor flange. The small amount of movement allows your rotor to grow and shrink through heat expansion. As the rotor heats and cools the T-Nuts prevent warping related to heat expansion resulting in a smooth and firm pedal throughout the race. Pads last longer and rotor life is improved. Reduced drag increases net horsepower for maximum speed. Better braking gets you deeper into the corners. The T-Nuts and rotor flange isolate heat transfer to the hub dissipating caliper heat right at the source. T-Nuts sold separately. *Standard rotor flange does not include hardware.