K1 RaceGear Safety X Nomex Shirt


If you race sports cars, open-wheel cars, stock cars or any other type of race car, we highly recommend that you invest in a SFI Certified fire-resistant Nomex shirt, even if the sanctioning body that you race under doesn't require them. Like helmets, neck braces, and belts, we believe that Nomex fire-resistant shirts should be considered a crucial and standard piece of safety equipment. The benefits go beyond safety, however; Nomex clothing also helps to keep you comfortable on the track, by wicking moisture away from the body and helping circulation. You will feel the difference immediately after the first time you try them on!


  • SFI 3.3-approved
  • Wicks away perspiration to keep you dry
  • Light and comfortable
  • Keeps your suit clean and dry
  • Matching Nomex pants available