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Allstar Brake Duct Flange

Brake Duct Flange mounts to the nose of your car using ³/₁₆” rivets and is rigid enough to use a

Allstar Brake Ducts

Ducts direct outside air to brakes, oil coolers, or the driver. 3″ O.D. with centered or offset outlets. Dimensions:

Allstar Brake Duct Hose

Flexible, non-kink hose directs air from front ducts to spindle ducts. 3″ I.D. Hose that withstands temperatures up to 300°.

Five Star Radiator Duct

For Maximum Cooling airflow and Front downforce Flexible ductwork retains 100% functionality even after a hit. Fits Griffin, Howe, C&R, and

Five Star ABC Nose Air Inlet Extension

Only available for in-store pickup.