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Allstar Aluminum Flange Type Tri-fold Rivet, 250 pk

Tri-fold rivets have a perforated body that opens and expands to create a large backside surface area, eliminating the need

Five Star Large Head Rivets

The Five Star multi-grip premium rivets are designed to provide you with extremely tight grip that wont spin while drilling

Allstar Heavy Duty Rivet Tool

Includes interchangeable nose pieces for ³/₃₂”, ⅛”, ⁵/₃₂”, and ³/₁₆” diameter rivets. Easily serviced by removing retainer screw to clean

Allstar Deluxe Air Rivet Gun

Heavy duty Air Rivet Gun can be used with steel or aluminum rivets from ³/₃₂” to ³/₁₆”.

Racing Rivets

Racing Rivets are here! Racing Rivets brand aluminum body, steel mandrel, mult-grip rivets are specifically designed to be strong and