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Allstar Heated Tire Groover Blades

Hard tempered spring steel blades are designed for use with the ALL10270 Heated Tire Groover. Blades are honed to a

Ideal 250 Watt Tire Groover

Ideal’s inexpensive, hand-held tools are constructed for easy, efficient and long-lasting operation. The solid brass head keeps strong, constant heat

Allstar Grinding Disc Flat

4″ 23 Grit ⅝ Arbor Grind off the hardened outer skin on used dirt track tires and create round, aggressive

Allstar All-In-One Heated Tire Groover

Self-contained groover has built-in temperature controls eliminating the additional cord and separate control box common with other groovers. Don’t let

JOES Micro Sprint Mandrel

The JOES Micro Sprint Mandrel is proudly made in the USA. It is designed to fit hubs with 1-3/4” Splines

JOES Billet Tire Roller

Now you can check stagger, sipe, groove, inspect and clean tires without chasing them all over the pits. You can

Allstar Tire Siper, Heated

Sipe tires quickly and effortlessly while maintaining precise control. Siping can greatly improve traction by allowing the tire to reach