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JOES T-Nuts for Rotor Flange

JOES T-Nut System and Rotor Flange improve your braking efficiency. Hardened T-Nuts self center in the rotor flange. The small

JOES Billet Hub Rotor Flange

JOES Billet Rotor Flange fits on our 5×5 and Wide 5 Accelerator hubs. It has been designed to work with

JOES Rotor Bolt Kit

Bolts to mount your rotor to JOES hubs, 8 bolts, nuts, and washers in this kit. Uses grade 8 bolts.

JOES Heavy Duty Rotor Adapter

The JOES Heavy Duty Rotor Adapter is made out of 7075 aluminum to ensure that it will hold up to