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Pyrotect Seat Belts

Pyrotect Seat Belts are a must have if you care about safety. These belts adhere to the stringent SFI 16.1

Pyrotect Steel Snap End Plate

Replacement snap end plate for safety harness systems. *Sold Individually

Pyrotect Steel B-Bolt Plate

Replacement b-bolt plate for 2″ or 3″ safety harness systems. *Sold Individually

Pyrotect 7/16″ Steel Eye Bolt

Replacement steel eye bolt for safety harness restraint systems. *Sold Individually

Out2Win Kart Seat Padding Set

5-Piece Padding Set. 3/8″ closed cell rubber. Rib, thigh, and back.

Kirkey Side Head Supports

This can be easily installed on any non containment KIRKEY seat and make it even safer and more comfortable. This

Kirkey Side Head Support Covers

Black tweed head support covers for Kirkey head supports.

Crow Pro Series 3″ to 2″ Black Anodized Harness – 5 Point

55” Seat Belt with Individual Harness, All Points Wrap Around, Pull Down Adjustment on Left Side Only, SFI 16-1 Approved

Impact 3″ Latch and Link Pull Down 5 Point Harness

Racer Series 3inch x 3inch Latch and Link Restraints: Individual Shoulders, Latch and Link Buckle, SFI16.1. Includes: QSR Adjusters, Bolt-In

Impact Dirt Track Latch and Link 2″ Pull Down Harness with Black Hardware

Impact’s 2-inch dirt-track style restraints are the belt choice of championship Sprint and Midget Car racer, Jerry Coons, Jr. Featuring

Impact Latch and Link 3″ to 2″ Harness – 5 Point

Racer Series 3inch x 3inch into 2inch Latch and Link Restraints: Individual Shoulders, SFI 16.1. Includes: QSR Adjusters, Bolt-In Ends

Tillett Quarter Cover Kart Racing Seat

The T8 and T8.25 are the most popular seats made by Tillett Racing Seats. The shape of the T8 is