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JOES Replacement Oil Fill Plug

Fits all JOES Wide 5 Hubs.

Allstar Steel Spindle Nut Kit

2″ pin kit for Allstar, Howe, PCR, and JOES 5 x 5 and most Wide 5 hubs includes a retaining

Timken Wide 5 Bearings and Races

Timken makes high quality bearings and races for all kinds of applications. Replacement wide 5 inner or outer bearings &

SKF Stock Car O-Ring Seals

Keeps Lubricants in and Contaminants Out Optimized Compounds Perform Reliably In Extreme Operating Conditions Superior Fluid And Temperature Compatibility Excellent

Quarter Master Wide 5 Cambered Drive Flange, 5 Bolt

Cambering a solid rear axle-housing increases the tire contact patch with the track surface, thereby improving handling and lowering lap

Allstar Bearing Spacer

Spacers fit between inner and outer bearings. Prevents over tightening and consistently set bearing pre-load while reducing bearing drag. Steel

Timken RF85 Treated Wide 5 Bearings and Races

Get the best bearing treatment available in racing today! Proven by independent testing labs, our premiere low friction bearing treatment

Buzze Racing ‘AIR GAP’ Hub Seal (Wide 5)

What’s better than Low Friction? How about NO FRICTION! The BUZZE Racing Air Gap hub seal is the absolute best

JOES Wide 5 Accelerator Hub, No Races or Rotor Flange

JOES Cast Wide 5 Accelerator Hubs were designed from the ground up using the latest in CAD design and the