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JOES Port Fitting, M22 x 1½ to -12 AN

Aluminum port fitting: M22 x 1½ on one side to -12 AN. Comes with O-Ring. Black anodized 6061 material.

JOES -8 AN Suzuki GSXR600 Front Water Housing

Switch your front inlet coolant line to -8AN on your ’07 and newer GSXR 600 and optimize cooling system flow

XRP Aluminum AN to NPT Hose Adapters

Black aluminum AN to NPT hose adapters.

JOES Water Outlet

JOES Water Outlet Fittings are compact and lightweight. They have a -16 AN or -20 AN fitting for your radiator

JOES -12AN Suzuki Thermostat Housing

Eliminate that rubber hose and worm drive clamp on your thermostat housing and switch over to high performance hose with

JOES Radiator Overflow Fitting

JOES Aluminum Radiator Overflow Fitting acts as a signal to the driver indicating a possible overheating condition as the cooling

JOES -12 AN Yamaha Thermostat Housing

Most people already use AN fittings for there cooling system, so why let the thermostat housing be the exception? The

JOES Freeze Plug Adapter

Replace freeze plugs in your chevy block with our adapters and you can change the flow of water for better

JOES Oil Pressure Fittings

JOES Oil Pressure Fitting is extended 2¼”, making it easier to connect the line from your oil pressure gauge.

JOES Micro Sprint 1″ Temp Gauge Fitting

Monitor your engine temperature to catch problems before they damage your expensive Micro Sprint Engine. Our temp fitting easily connects

JOES Thermo Spacer

Now you can easily plumb additional cooling lines to the back of your SBC or BBC heads for better cooling

JOES Water Temperature Plug

Reduces your standard gauge port from ⅝”-18 to ⅛” NPT. Supplied with ⅛” NPT plug. Made out of aluminum.