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RLV World Formula Pipe and Silencer Kit

Made for a Jr Sprint Left Hand Engine. Kit includes: (1) Pipe (1) B91 Silencer (Muffler) (1) Locking Collar (1)

RLV Yamaha KT 100 Exhaust Header

Maximize performance with this exhaust header. It has a short taper, is angled 12.5° and uses 1¾” diameter flex. Made

Schoenfeld Tri-Y Chevy Crossover Headers

New conventional crossover tri-Y headers. 4 → 2 → 1 configuration for improved exhaust flow and increased low- and mid-range

RLV Predator Exhaust Kit

Complete exhaust kit for go-karts. Includes silencer (muffler) and mounting kit.

Schoenfeld SBC Crossover Headers, Crate Late Model

Conventional Crossover Headers Fits Bemco, Hamke, Lefthander, Pathfinder, Port City, etc. Available for GARC chassis, takes 3542 L/S for 3½”