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JOES Lightweight Steering Wheels

Grab on to the lightest JOES Steering Wheel ever. You won’t lose your grip on their shot peened, no slip

JOES ⅜”-24 x ⅜” Eye, Heim Joint, Steel

⅜”-24 x ⅜” Eye, Heim Joint, Steel. Select LH or RH thread

QuickCar Aluminum Radius Rods

QuickCar Aluminum Radius Rods are a scalloped design which result in being 35% stronger than conventional Radius Rods. USA-made from

M&W Aluminum Radius Rods

Swedged out of 6061-T6 Aluminum Tubing. Polished Hi Strength Aluminum. M & W Aluminum Products brand. Sizes for Farrell Frameworks

JOES Micro Sprint Front Steering Arm

JOES Micro Sprint Front Steering Arms are designed to be rigid and lightweight. Works with nearly all Micro Sprint spindles.

JOES Steering Wheel Spacers

Driver comfort is essential to winning races! When the steering wheel is too far away from the driver early fatigue

JOES Economy Steering Wheel Quick Release

Hub is made from aircraft aluminum, and the coupler is made of steel. JOES economy quick releases are pin-less and

Sweet Mfg. U-Joints

Sweet Mfg. universal joints are capable of 32° of working angle and has a full complement needle bearings. The lightest

JOES Micro Sprint Steering Rack

5 out of 5
WHAT’S NEW WITH THE VERSION 3 STEERING RACK? NEW case seal design for reduced maintenance and internal component protection Increased

JOES Steering Wheel Tape

Get even more grip with our Steering Wheel Tape. Customize your wheel for maximum comfort. The tape is ¾ inches

JOES ⁷/₁₆”-20 x ⁷/₁₆” Eye, Steel Heim Joint

⁷/₁₆”-20 x ⁷/₁₆” Eye, Heim Joint, Steel select LH or RH thread.

JOES ⅜”-24 Steel Jam Nuts, 10 Pack

⅜-24 Jam Nuts, Steel. Select LH or RH thread. Sold in packs of 10.