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JOES Lightweight Steering Wheels

Grab on to the lightest JOES Steering Wheel ever. You won’t lose your grip on their shot peened, no slip

M&W Aluminum Radius Rods

Swedged out of 6061-T6 Aluminum Tubing. Polished Hi Strength Aluminum. M & W Aluminum Products brand. Sizes for Farrell Frameworks

JOES Steering Wheel Quick Disconnect

Made from aircraft aluminum, JOES quick disconnects are pin-less and spring-loaded for fast steering wheel removal. The splined steel coupling

Steering Wheel Quick Disconnect Replacement Hub

Replacement Steering Wheel Quick Disconnect Hub only. 3x 5/16″ on a 1-3/4″ Bolt Circle.

3/8-24 Jam Nut, Steel

3/8-24 Jam Nut, Steel. Select LH or RH thread. Sold in packs of 10.

3/8-24 X 3/8″ Eye, Heim Joint, Steel

3/8-24 X 3/8″ Eye, Heim Joint, Steel. Select LH or RH thread

JOES Micro Sprint Front Steering Arm

JOES Micro Sprint Front Steering Arms are designed to be rigid and lightweight. Works with nearly all Micro Sprint spindles.

JOES Steering Wheel Pad

Don’t Bang your head! We hope you never crash your car hard enough to hit your head on the steering

Sweet Mfg. Light Weight Aluminum Quick Release Hub

Lightweight Aluminum Quick Release that includes Titanium Bolts. Weighs in at Just 7 oz

JOES Lightweight Drag Steering Wheel

JOES Drag Steering Wheels are extremely lightweight and made from quality materials that will last a lifetime. The center section

JOES Matador Steering Wheels

With the Matador Steering Wheel, JOES Racing Products set out to build the strongest steering wheel on the market. We

JOES Steering Column Knee Brace

JOES Steering Column Assembly leg brace bolts on to your JOES steering column. The JOES leg brace holds your leg