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JOES Micro Sprint Front Spindle Split Nut

Tired of using plastic nyloc nuts to hold on your Micro Sprint hubs? JOES Micro Sprint Hub Split Nut utilizes

JOES V2 Micro Sprint Front Spindle

Our version 2 Micro Sprint Front Spindles are lighter than version 1, while keeping the same strength. These innovative spindles

JOES Micro Sprint Torrington Thrust Bearing

Keep your Micro turning smoothly with a Torrington Thrust Bearing from JOES. Place it between your spindle and axle, on

JOES Micro Sprint King Pin

Heat treated 4340 steel allows your spindles to rotate freely even during severe conditions.

JOES Jr Sprint King Pin

JOES Junior Sprint King Pins are 1/2″ in Diameter (.500) and are made from high grade alloy steel.

JOES Jr Sprint Front Spindle

JOES Front Spindle is anodized black. The Billet construction offers a durable part that bolts easily to either side of

JOES Jr Sprint Steering Arm

JOES Jr Sprint Steering Arms bolt directly on to JOES Jr Sprint Front Spindles and work for either the left