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JOES Deburring Tool, 2 pk

Deburr holes and edges in general purpose applications. Pencil style aluminum handle with pocket clip. Heavy duty HSS blade can

PANELfast Dzus Spring Adjuster

The hassle of adjusting panel fastener springs is over. No more adjusting with a screwdriver or gripping with a pair

Allstar Double Ended Drill Bits

Double ended bits are basically two bits in one. Convenient bit can be flipped around for a fresh sharp bit

Allstar Safety Wire

Stainless steel .032″ dia. wire comes in 1 lb. spool.

JOES Drill and Tap Guide for Chevy Dust Cap

JOES Racing Products hub drill and tap kits are designed to allow you to quickly and precisely tap the holes

Allstar Safety Wire Pliers

Never lose another race because of loose bolts. Rugged pliers feature an end bearing for smoother, faster twisting, especially in

Allstar Step Drill Bit Kit, 3pk

Drill multiple size holes with one bit. Drill sheet metal and aluminum without deforming or distorting. Bits start on contact,

Allstar Safety Wire Drill Fixture

Accurately drill holes in fasteners allowing them to be mechanically locked in place with safety wire. Fixture accommodates most ³/₁₆”,

Allstar Step Drill Bit Kit, 2 pk

  Step Drill Bit Size ¼”, ²⁵/₆₄”, ³⁵/₆₄”, ¹¹/₁₆”, ¹³/₁₆”, ⅞”, 1″, 1⅛”, 1 ⁷/₃₂”, 1¼”, 1⅜” ³/₁₆”, ¼”, ⁵/₁₆”,