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JOES Carburetor Linkage Assembly

JOES Carburetor Linkage Assembly includes spring mounting hardware giving you all you need for a smooth throttle return. The JOES

JOES Micro Sprint R6 Carb Vents

JOES Micro Sprint Carb vents are lightweight and precision machined. JOES microcell filter is designed for optimal float bowl venting

JOES Fuel Cup

Drain the fuel from your carburetor float bowl into a JOES Fuel Cup. After making your changes, dump the fuel

JOES Carburetor Linkage Bushings

Adapt the ½” hole in your carburetor linkage down to ¼”. Made from 6061-T6 aluminum.

JOES Micro Sprint Carburetor TPS Cover

Keeps dirt out of your carburetor linkage when you don’t need to run a TPS (Throttle Position Sensor).

Allstar Carburetor Gasket

Allstar Performance Carburetor Base Plate Gasket, 4-Barrel, Open, Square Bore, Composite Material, Each.

Canton Phenolic Holley Carburetor Spacer

Canton 85-160 ½” or 1″ Thick open spacer for Holley 4150/4160. Features: For Holley 4150/4160 Made In USA Stops the

ARC Main Jet

BSP/Clone .036″ (.9144mm) or .037″ (.9398mm) stock main jet