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Allstar Carburetor Gasket

Allstar Performance Carburetor Base Plate Gasket, 4-Barrel, Open, Square Bore, Composite Material, Each.

JOES Micro Sprint Carburetor TPS Cover

Keeps dirt out of your carburetor linkage when you don’t need to run a TPS (Throttle Position Sensor).

JOES Fuel Cup

Drain the fuel from your carburetor float bowl into a JOES Fuel Cup. After making your changes, dump the fuel

JOES Carburetor Linkage Assembly

JOES Carburetor Linkage Assembly includes spring mounting hardware giving you all you need for a smooth throttle return. The JOES

JOES Carburetor Linkage Bushings

Adapt the 1/2″ hole in your carburetor linkage down to 1/4″. Made from 6061-T6 aluminum.

JOES Micro Sprint R6 Carb Vents

JOES Micro Sprint Carb vents are lightweight and precision machined. JOES microcell filter is designed for optimal float bowl venting