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JOES Heel Stop

JOES Heel Stop holds your foot in position while keeping the driver comfortable from green flag to checkers. Our heel

JOES Conventional Throttle Pedal Assembly

JOES manufacturers our Billet Throttle Pedal Assembly for installation in any car. The billet arms are anodized and included multiple

JOES Throttle Pedal

We designed this pedal with comfort and adjustability in mind. The linkage block acts as a side rest for your

JOES Throttle Pedal Assembly

JOES Throttle Pedal Assembly is designed to give you the flexibility you need to get the input from your foot

JOES Throttle Pull Back

JOES Throttle Pedal Assembly Pull Back bracket, mounts to the pedal so the driver can pull the throttle back in

JOES Micro/ Kart/ Small Car Pedals

JOES Micro Pedals are designed to give you maximum control. The design allows you to adjust the leverage points so

JOES Jr Sprint Pedal Assembly

JOES Jr Sprint Pedal Assembly Has plenty of adjustment to make sure your driver is comfortable and is designed for