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JOES Micro Sprint Throttle Return Spring Kit

JOES Micro Sprint Throttle Return Spring Kit is for Carbureted and injected applications. It is designed to allow you to

JOES Fuel Filler Top Plate

JOES Fuel Filler Top Plates no feature a new lightweight design with two choices of plumbing options three #6 SAE,

JOES Water Outlet

JOES Water Outlet Fittings are compact and lightweight. They have a -16 AN or -20 AN fitting for your radiator

JOES Air Cleaner Stud Kit

JOES Air Cleaner Stud kit features a stainless steel threaded rod and is strong enough to handle the vibrations and

Outerwears Pre-Filters

Outerwears’ Pre-filters are designed to keep out particles of dirt, sand, and street debris as small as .005″ Their Pre-filters

JOES Inline Fuel Filter

JOES Inline Fuel filters are specially designed for high flow. The 140 Micron mesh screen is optimal for keeping your

JOES Micro Sprint Idler Adjuster

JOES Micro Sprint Idler Adjuster allows you to fine tune the idle with just your fingertips. The lightweight CNC machined

JOES Fuel Filler

JOES Fuel Filler is machined from 6061-T6 aluminum. The gasketed, thread-in cap and strong filler neck makes refueling safer and

JOES Carburetor Adapters (Tulsa Shootout)

JOES TSO Carb Adapters are precision machined so they mate to your cylinder head perfectly. JOES manufactures the billet adapters

JOES Carburetor Linkage Assembly

JOES Carburetor Linkage Assembly includes spring mounting hardware giving you all you need for a smooth throttle return. The JOES

JOES Outboard Throttle Cable

JOES 36″ throttle cable for outboard configurations have a 6mm thread on the engine side and a 8mm thread on