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JOES Suzuki GSXR600 Engine Shift Arm Kit

Get the most rigid GSXR600 shift arm on the market and firm up the feel of every shift you make!

JOES Aluminum Shift Levers

JOES Shift Levers are lightweight but strong enough to handle some aggressive shifting. They are machined out of 6061-T6 aluminum

JOES Yamaha R6 Engine Shift Arm

Get the most rigid R6 shift arm in Micro Sprint racing and firm up the feel of every shift you

JOES Lightweight Shift Knob

Can’t find ’em? Grind ’em! We Can’t guarantee that you’ll find the right gear every time but at least you’ll

JOES Shift Boots

Making adjustments to your shift linkage or taking off the shift lever for a motor or transmission change is easy

JOES Micro Sprint Shift Lever with Clutch Lever

JOES Micro Sprint Shift Lever is designed to get you into the right gear effortlessly. It is made out of

JOES DIY Shift Lever Kit

Easily build your own shift lever that’s perfect for your application! We’ve machined the tough parts for you and supplied

JOES Micro Sprint Shift Cable

6 Foot cable with 3″ of throw. Works with most right hand shifter configurations.

JOES Micro Sprint Replacement Clutch Lever

Lightweight black powder-coated aluminum clutch lever replacement for the Micro Sprint Shift Lever (51550).