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Douglas Jr Sprint Wheels

Douglas Wheels (DWT) Front Wheel – 8 x 6 Left Rear Wheel – 8 x 8 Right Rear Wheel –

JOES Spindle Nut Assembly

Get the exact hub torque spec you want by using our Spindle nut Assembly! With multiple holes in the spindle

King Aluminum Wheel Bleeder Housing

A must for pavement cars that use higher air pressure or for dirt cars that need added protection.  This new

JOES Wide 5 Wheel Spacers

Use JOES Wheel Spacers to push the rules right to the limit by getting your track width as wide as

JOES Bullet Style Chevy Dust Cap

The Bullet Style Chevy Dust Cap helps locate your wheels during a pit stop, and looks cool while doing it.

JOES Front Kart/QM Hub

JOES Front Aluminum Kart/QM Hub fits a ⅝” spindle. Quality JOES finishes and concentric machining means you get top notch

JOES Rear Kart/QM Hub

JOES Rear Aluminum Kart/QM Hubs fit a 1¼” axle. Quality JOES finishes and concentric machining means you get top notch

JOES Micro Sprint Front Hubs w/ Rotor Mounting Flange

Version 2 Micro Sprint Front Hubs: Lighter, Stronger, Smoother Our in house development and on track testing programs have combined

JOES T-Nuts for Rotor Flange

JOES T-Nut System and Rotor Flange improve your braking efficiency. Hardened T-Nuts self center in the rotor flange. The small

JOES Dust Cap

Machined out of 6061-T6 aluminum. Requires drilling and tapping two 8-32 holes in your hub. JOES Drill & Tap Guide

JOES Kart/QM Hub Stud Kit

JOES Kart/QM Hub Stud Kits come in a pack of 12. Specify 5/16“-18 x 1¼” or ¼”-28 x 1¼”. Hardware

DWT Karting / QM Front Wheel

Douglas Wheels (DWT) Front Wheel – 6″ diameter x 6½” wide 2½” Backspace 4″ Nose 5/16“-18 on a 2½” bolt