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JOES Jackshaft Spacer Kit

JOES Jackshaft Spacer Kit includes the following: (1) 1¼” spacer (5) ¼” spacers (2) ³/₁₆” spacers (3) end caps

JOES Jr Sprint Belt Drivers

30 tooth and 20 tooth with tapered side plates ¾” Keyed Bore Flanged For 20mm Wide Belts Anodized black Lightweight

JOES Adjustable Jack Shaft Mount

JOES Billet Universal Jack Shaft Mount is engineered for a clean and strong system. JOES has built the hardware and

JOES Titanium Jack Shaft

If you want the very best equipment, then you should consider our Titanium Jack Shaft. It will reduce the rotating

Hegar4 KT100 Belt Driver w/ Sleeve

30mm wide. Works on KT100 engines with the tapered shaft, not the old style straight shaft. Driver hub can accept

JOES Replacement Jack Shaft Butterfly Clamps

Jack Shaft Replacement Butterfly Clamps come in a kit to replace damage that can occur from your Kart grinding on

Bully Aluminum Jackshaft Pulley Ring

57 tooth, 30mm wide aluminum pulley. This pulley is used in conjunction with Bully aluminum pulley hubs (BUL151-034).

Bully ¾” Aluminum Pulley Hub

For use with the Bulley pulley rings (BUL151-357). Fits ¾” jackshafts.

Hegar4 Belt Driver Sleeves

Fits the Hegar4 18-22 tooth driver hubs.

JOES Replacement Risers for Jack Shaft Mount

Replacement short and tall risers for JOES Adjustable Jack Shaft Mount.

JOES Jr Sprint Flush-Mount Butterfly Clamp Set

JOES Flush-Mount Butterfly Clamp Set is designed clamp down your Jack Shaft/Engine Mount, while leaving nothing hanging below the frame

Pfeifer 30 Tooth 20mm Wide Rear Jackshaft Pulley

¾” Keyed Bore Non-Flanged For 20mm Wide Belts Works great on JR Sprints.