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JOES Vent Tank

If you are blowing oil out of your transmission or rear end vent line, you need a JOES baffled Vent

JOES 3/8″-16 Quick Change Gear Cover Fasteners

Made from 7075 billet aluminum. One piece design means no washer to smash or mushroom and fall off. Cross drilled

JOES Vent Clamp Filter

Replacement filter for JOES Vent Clamps. 1/2″ ID

JOES Vent Clamp

Use JOES Vent Clamps with rear-ends and transmissions. They mount quickly to 1-3/4″ or 1-1/2″ chassis tubing with two allen

Tiger Complete Rear End Kit

Complete Tiger rear end, this is a one off, all features listed are the ones included in the kit. If