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JOES Vent Tank

If you are blowing oil out of your transmission or rear end vent line, you need a JOES baffled Vent

JOES Vent Clamp Filter

Replacement filter for JOES Vent Clamps. ½” ID

JOES ⅜”-16 Quick Change Gear Cover Fasteners

Made from 7075 billet aluminum. One piece design means no washer to smash or mushroom and fall off. Cross drilled

Allstar Quick Change Gear Plastic Carrying Tote

Durable plastic quick change gear tote organizes extra gear sets and keeps them clean. Lid snaps shut to hold gears

JOES Vent Clamp

THIS IS THE PART THAT STARTED IT ALL! Over 30 years ago Joe (yes, there really is a Joe of

PEM Standard Quick Change Gear Sets

Proven Gear manufactured for over 10 years. 10 spline gears – Fits Winters, Frankland, Bulldog (DMI), Tiger, PEM, Halibrand, Jones and

PEM Premium Quick Change Gear Sets

High Strength Alloy Steel for higher HP cars with bigger tires LW Drilled.  1½ lbs. lighter decreases your rotating weight

Tiger 8-Bolt Wide 5 Axle Tube Snout w/ Brake Bracket Collar

Tiger snouts are manufactured out of high quality steel and allow you to change the handling characteristics of your car

Tiger Axle Tube w/ 16-Bolt Built In Adapter

Tiger Axle Tubes are available in standard DOM steel or in 4130 chromoly steel. The advantage of the chromoly tube

Tiger Rear Cover Bearing

Replacement bearing for quick change rear end cover, including snap ring. 80mm OD (3.1496″) x 25mm ID (.9843″) x 21mm

Tiger 5×5 Brake Bracket Assembly

Tiger 5×5 Brake Brackets fit cambered snouts and include all the necessary fasteners to bolt it to your axle tube.

Tiger Wide 5 Brake Bracket Assembly

Tiger Wide 5 Brake Brackets fit cambered and non cambered snouts and include all the necessary fasteners to bolt it