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JOES Body Supports

Manufactured from aircraft aluminum, anodized and laser etched, JOES supports swivel to allow a full range of motion for use

JOES Adjustable Fender Brace Kit

Keep your fenders in place by supporting them with our adjustable fender brace. Choose from aluminum rods or flexible plastic

JOES Body Support Backup Washers

4 pack of back up washers for JOES Body Supports

JOES Dual Adjustable Fender Brace Kit

JOES Dual Fender Brace Kit includes 2 rods to give extra support to your fenders and quarters. The frame bracket

Allstar Black Aluminum Body Stud with Slot 3/4″, 10 Pack

1/4″-20 flush mount bolts have a 1″ O.D. beveled head to provide a smooth finished appearance and are slotted for

Fender Brace Replacement Components

Replacement rods & hardware for JOES Adjustable Fender Braces and JOES Dual Adjustable Fender Braces. Available in flexible plastic or