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Racing Optics XStack Tearoffs

The XStack 10 is a stack of 10 laminated tearoffs that are 2 mil thick each. The laminated technology creates

Bell GTX3 Helmets

The GTX3 features a lightweight carbon composite shell or ultra-lightweight carbon fiber shell and sleek aero styling including, front chin

Stilo Quick-Release Coupling for ST5 and ST4 Drinking System

Replacement male and female quick-release coupling for ST5 and ST4 helmet drinking system.

Bell K1 Pro & GP2 Top Forced Air Kit

Bell Helmets Forced Air Top/Nozzle (V05) Kit – K1 Pro/GP2 White or Clear.

Stilo Top Air System for ST5 Helmets

The Stilo ST5 helmet shape is different than the Stilo ST4, requiring the NEW re-shaped Stilo ST5 Top Air kit.

Stilo Helmet Drinking System

Inner helmet drinking system kit for Stilo ST5 and ST4 helmet side mounts. Includes quick coupling and anti-backflow bite valve.

Bell Pivot Kits

Replacement hardware for Bell helmets and shields.   Compatibility SV (SE03/SE05) SV (SE07) SRV-1 (287) SE03 3mm Shield SE07 3mm

Allstar Hose Adapter 2½” to 1¼”

Adapter fits most helmet hoses with 1¼” ends and has a 2¾” O.D. to fit inside 3″ duct style hose

Allstar Tearoff Post Kit, 2 pk

Unique aluminum tear off posts have a second set-screw locking the posts to the shield so they don’t continuously come