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NecksGen Quick Release Helmet Hardware

Need an extra set of quick releases for your spare helmet? This is the current standard issue quick release helmet

NecksGen REV Neck Restraint

The NecksGen REV is the more affordable option for those looking for a great head and neck restraint. Combining the

NecksGen REV2 Light Neck Restraint

The REV 2 LITE is the ultimate head and neck restraint. Weighing in at only 1.2 lbs. / 550 grams,

Simpson Hybrid Sport Neck Restraint

SFI 38.1 certified, FIA certification available. The Hybrid Sport from Simpson features a light-weight design using DuPont® carbon/polymer construction and

HANS III – 20 Degree Hans Device

Comes with the HANS Quick Click System anchors & not the Sliding Anchors pictured.

Stilo Anchors for Hans Shoulder Device

Stilo helmet installation kit for Hans neck restraints.