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Allstar Brake Duct Flange

Brake Duct Flange mounts to the nose of your car using ³/₁₆” rivets and is rigid enough to use a

Allstar Brake Duct Hose

Flexible, non-kink hose directs air from front ducts to spindle ducts. 3″ I.D. Hose that withstands temperatures up to 300°.

Five Star Mesh Nose Screen

Protect your grill opening from debris while allowing the proper amount of air to flow to your radiator Frame is

Five Star Plastic Paint Primer

If you are going to paint your plastic panels, you absolutely must use Five Star Race Car Bodies Plastic Primer!

Five Star Polycarbonate Spoiler Mounting Kit

Everything needed for a precise, secure spoiler installation Hardware to mount the polycarbonate spoiler blade to the bracket, and the

Five Star Bracing Kit

Order as many Tube Kits or End Kits as needed to custom brace your car! Includes 2 pieces, 7/16” x

Five Star NBS Vent Windows

Five Star Windows are #1 in Motorsports Made from durable polycarbonate material Perfectly cut to fit with beveled and countersunk

Five Star Radiator Duct

For Maximum Cooling airflow and Front downforce Flexible ductwork retains 100% functionality even after a hit. Fits Griffin, Howe, C&R, and

Five Star Cowl Induction Cold Air Box – 4 BBL

  Ultra lightweight, strong and durable composite construction. Extensive flow bench testing for peak air flow efficiency Maximum airflow using

Five Star ABC Window Brace Kits

Maximize airflow and Improve Safety with ultimate support Front Braces are 28.5″ Long Rear Braces are 30.0″ Inches long Designed

Five Star Long Nose Flap Brace

The Best Way to Brace Your Nose Flap Area CNC laser-cut aluminum is pre-drilled for riveting to nose and for

Five Star Large Head Rivets

The Five Star multi-grip premium rivets are designed to provide you with extremely tight grip that wont spin while drilling