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Simpson Molecule Racing Suit Cleaning Kit

PROTECT AND CLEAN Nomex racing suits required special care that dry cleaning and ordinary laundry products could not provide. Molecule

Maxima WaterProof Grease

Multi-purpose lithium complex grease. Excellent resistance to water washout and clings to metal surfaces under the most severe condition, will

Maxima Performance Break-In Oil, 10W-30

PERFORMANCE BREAK-IN OIL is specifically designed for breaking in engines with flat tappet camshafts, roller elements or where elevated levels

Maxima FAB-1 Synthetic Air Filter Oil

FAB-1 is a highly advanced synthetic based formula for all oil type fabric and foam air filter elements. A superior

Lucas Oil Racing Assembly Grease, 16oz

Lucas Engine Assembly Grease is a heavy duty and corrosion resistant grease made of Calcium Sulfonate Complex thickener. It is

Maxima Synthetic Chain Guard

Maxima Synthetic Chain Guard is an advanced chain lubricant specifically formulated for today’s off-road and on-road, high performance motorcycle chains.

Maxima Cool-Aid Concentrate

A powerful additive formulated to reduce engine temperatures and provide significantly better contact on heated surfaces allowing for greater and

Lucas Oil Fuel Stabilizer

Lucas fuel stabilizer is designed to prevent fuel degradation during storage. Safe for use in all grades of gasoline and

Lucas Oil Chain Lubricant

Lucas Chain Lubricant was developed to be a long lasting, all weather, all temperature lubricant and protectant for chains, sprockets,

Keyser’s Pro-Blend Hot Lap Tire Treatment, 1 Gallon

For races lasting 200 laps (based on ½ mile tracks) Tire Prep – controls heat in racing tires, helps them

Maxima RS Full Synthetic Oil, 0W-20

RS is a 100% synthetic triple ester based race-grade engine oil. Industry leading additive system offers the ultimate in engine

Klotz Pure Estorlin 10W/40 Racing Synthetic Engine Lubricant, 1qt

Designed for racing and performance applications to increase torque and horsepower Meets and exceeds warranty requirements for compliance and protection