Product Instructions

#11475 JOES Rear Mount & Caliper Mount Installation Kit Instructions

  1. Consult your car builder for the pinion angle and distance from the rotor for your Rear Mount. For the caliper mount, install the caliper centered on the rotor and tighten the JOES Caliper Mount per you car builder recommendations.
  2. Set your rear end in the car on blocks, at ride height and at your car builder recommended pinion angle.
  3. Clamp the JOES Rear Mount or Caliper in place matching your car builder specs.
  4. Use a JOES Installation Kit (PN# 11475) to assist you in drilling the set screw hole. The installation kit will guide the drill for an exact fit. Use care to drill the hole once. Hand drilling can allow the set screw hole to wander, resulting in improper positioning of your Rear Mount or Caliper bracket. The JOES installation Kit is a time saver and ensures exact positioning. Use a tap drill “Q” (.332) and a 3/8-16 tap.
  5. With your bracket in the desired location, slip the drill guide into the bracket threaded set screw hole.
  6. Use the “Q” Drill (.332) and drill through the drill guide that is specially sized to protect the aluminum threads.
  7. Use the 3/8-16 Tap to thread the hole.
  8. Install your bracket per the instructions provided with the appropriate bracket.